Online Zoom Weekly Chair Yoga  "Colleen has been providing yoga instruction via zoom at the Schreiber Senior Centre and her program has been very well received. She is engaging and considerate of the variety of fitness levels of our group". Cathy Carlino Schreiber Senior Centre Senior Program Coordinator

Online Zoom Chair Yoga Workshop "The instructor was friendly, and professional. The session was fun, and invigorating without being too difficult or taxing. My team and I all agreed that we felt rejuvenated after the session, and would happily participate in another. 10/10, would recommend to anyone interested in Yoga from novice to expert, and for any age."     Shyler Hendrickson Fundevelopment Coordinator, Alzheimer Society, Kenora/Rainy River District

Online Zoom Chair/Laughter Yoga Workshop "Colleen led a wonderful and fun-filled Zoom class for our clients and care partners at the Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay! The pace of the class was perfect and it was so nice to see the participants dance, laugh, and destress. I appreciated how the exercises and stretches could be modified to each individuals ability and comfort level. Thank you for providing us all with good feelings and brightening up the afternoon!"  Kara Kruk BRLS R/TRO, Recreational Therapist, Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay

Laughter Yoga Workshops "Thank you so much Colleen for your wonderful Laughter Yoga session at our Revera Regional Management Conference. Your session not only allowed us to connect as a group, but let us relax, let go, and helped us set the tone for the rest of the day. We continued to use the belly laughs and group clapping techniques  throughout the rest of the day!"  Juliana Jason, Regional Manager of Education and Resident Services,  Revera, Inc.

Twice I have booked Colleen to provide laughing yoga to my group which consists of people living with dementia and their care partners. Both times everyone has thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Colleen is understanding and very knowledgeable about her practice. As people were leaving the building you could see that they felt lighter and many were still laughing on their way to their cars! I highly recommend this program!  Deanna Bessel, B.S, B.A., Dip. R.T.    Public Education Coordinator  Minds in MotionĀ® Coordinator     Alzheimer Society, Thunder Bay

Yoga Classes "Three years ago I discovered the beauty of yoga by a fluke. I have weight trained for the past 30 years and never thought yoga would be for me. There was a free yoga class offered following a wellness session that I attended. Only because I had an hour before an appointment, and because it was free I thought I had nothing to lose. The way I felt following was a total shock! I was not stressed and was energized. Three years later I am still attending yoga classes regularly with Colleen and look forward to how great I will feel following. My 29 year old daughter who also weight trains and runs accompanies me now after noticing positive changes in me. She has benefited from strengthening and relaxation techniques that yoga provides. The guidance that Colleen provides @ Radiant Yoga is easy to follow and enjoyable. Colleen emphasizes to do only what your body  can do during each session and there is no competition or judgement. Thank you Colleen." Velda Siciliano R.N., yoga student

Yoga Classes  "I very much enjoy Colleen's classes as she is energetic and positive throughout the class and I end up feeling amazing afterwards.  I was apprehensive in trying yoga at the beginning but right away Colleen made me feel at ease and was never judgmental of my abilities or lack thereof!  Instead she encourages me to continue at my own pace and what feels comfortable.  It's difficult to put into words how I feel after one of her classes but can sum it up like 'floating on a cloud'.  I feel energized, positive and extremely relaxed.  If you've never tried one of her classes I highly recommend it."  Paula Hari, mother of twins

Laughter Yoga "Colleen is very fun and outgoing, and extremely knowledgeable about Laughter Yoga. She is very assertive, and knows how to take control of a social situation. When hosting a group laughing yoga session at Confederation College, she handled the crowd well, and was able to sense when the crowd liked what they were doing, and when they needed a change. It was fairly obvious that she is an adaptable person, taking on the public, large group situation as if she had done it many times before." Kezia Canuel, Ontario Native Student Association, Con College

Let Your Yoga Dance "I especially love your dance yoga classes.  The company, the spirit, the dance, the laughter ...., and the exercise!  Your persona is calming and therepeutic, full of energy and light and I am happy to call you my Yogini and my friend.  Namaste"   Karen Bester, yoga and yoga dance student

Chair/Laughter Yoga "We love Laughter Yoga here at Pinewood Court.  Our residents take part and enjoy it very much!  We easily get a room full of residents for each session.  It doesn't matter how old or inactive they are, they can't help but participate.  It is beneficial for all ages.  Once we begin to laugh everyone starts to laugh, and we/they can't help but have a good time.  Our residents often ask 'when is Colleen coming back?'"   Lori Anishnabie, Volunteer Coordinator, Pinewood Court Longterm Care Facility

Yoga Classes "First and foremost, Colleen is an incredible person, I love the energy she brings to the class.  She is very welcoming, sincere, committed to her craft and a joy to be around.  Colleen will always meet you with a smile, she is constantly joking, keeping the mood light and playful so going to her yoga class is fun and relaxing.  Colleen has a vast amount of training and many years of experience, she continues to expand her knowledge with additional training. I highly recommend her class to the beginner and experienced individual."  Peter Scarfo, yoga student

Chair/Laughter Yoga  "When the residents of Pinewood Court were asked why they look forward to their monthly yoga sessions with Colleen they simply said how much they enjoy the laughter, music and good times spent with other residents.  They commented on how relaxed, calm and content they felt after the session.  Often individuals living in Long Term Care feel stressed, lonely and anxious at times, therefore a little laughter, deep breathing and relaxation can improve their health and well being greatly.  Pinewood Court residents always look forward to their next session with Colleen and never leave their smiles behind!"     Suzanne Holland (Program Manager, Pinewood Court Longterm Care Facility)